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Friday, March 10, 2006

Picture Tour

When you think about it - the world is a photogenic place. Really, our world is truly beautiful!

Below, is a picture of Ireland - a place I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. When I think of an Irish landscape, what usually comes to mind are brilliant green meadows and sheer seaside cliffs (like those in the movie "Far and Away").

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Below - is something similar to a "picture perfect" minnesota winter. Except, our snow hasn't been as deep as it had been in previous years. That is sad - since there can only be one cause for that. This picture, though, could also be said to resemble a European or Canadian countryside. I can't tell, but it appears as though there are mountains in the distance.

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See thae canyon below? It would be nice if I were exploring that canyon, rather than typing this assignment. In the Northern Eastern part of Minnesota, you could definately find a canyon very similar to this one. (especially when you get closer to the canadian border, or the more rocky Lake Superior region of the state.

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The following two paragraphs show how you can find such pictures (on your own) to use for postings in your own blog. So, for anyone in the world who happens to be wondering, and happens to stumble (I mean surf) onto this - here is something I hope you find helpful........ . . . . . . . . .

Her is a link to a place where you can find pictures that are availible for use. Some of them have partial rights reserved though, but you can also find lots of pictures that are 100% in the public domain. After you save a picture into your computer, you can go to Image Shack to get a code that you can paste to your blog. Use the code titled "Hotlink for Websites" or, for a smaller picture, the one titled "Thumbnail for websites." That code will then magically appear as a picture!

When you paste the code onto your blog, you need to be in the "edit HTML part"

If you ever have to put a code somewhere where an actual box for your url is provided [URL= ],chose the "Direct Link to Image" code then earase what is already in the url box - or the code will say URL twice at the beginning of the image, and the image will not show.


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