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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Feast of Nations

Last year, I had a really great time at the Feast of Nations. What the Feast of Nations is, is an even where the international students on campus have a chance to make food from, wear clothes from, and do dances from their home countries. (Or just do funny skits, sing a song. . . . or pretty much anything they want to do on stage.) American students can participate too.

It's really an amazing event. You get to see the attire of, and sample the food of many many many countries. You buy tickets for one dollar each at the door, and then you can get a small ptate of food at booths from any countries of your choice.

Really, American food is pretty flavorless and redundant - compared to the spice and variety of foods from some countries. American spices are salt and pepper. Ah Ha ha ha. Here's a brief summary of a few of the foods I saw and tried last year.

China - It was at China's booth that I first tried tofu (for the very first time.) Before that, I hadn't really even known what it was. I love it now, and have even made it for myself once or twice (though what I make isn't half as good as what I ate there! ) It is a white fluffy substance made from beans, that is usually cubed and marinated, and then either boiled or fried. The thing that makes it a delicacy, is that it soaks up flavor sooooo well! - like nothing else does!

Finland - The most interesting booth was Finland. In fact, it was so so interesting that I didn't even dare to try the food there. The food was some sort of flatbread or cracker with a sort of cheese, and shark meat on it - and the other thing was cubed sheep's brain on a toothpick. Now, don't take what I say as truth, because I could have heard the lady wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what she said it was. That was just too unfamiliar for me. I probably should of tried it. I bet it is very good, or else they wouldn't eat it!

Russia - Ooooh. This was my FAVORITE booth! To this day, Russian pancakes are still one of my most favorite foods that I can ever remember eating. EVER! The pancakes themselves are thinner than our usual ones, yet thicker than a crepe. They are absolutely delicious! But, the best part is the variety of ingredients that you can roll up into them! Here are just the choices that they had at the booth: sour creme, mashed potatoes, diced apple pieces in sauce, other fruit fillings. Ooooh, there is so much more out there than just syrup! I like how they roll up the pancakes so you can hold them in your hands too. In America, where finger foods dominate, how come we still eat ours on a plate . . . with a fork? But then, what do I know. Maybe Russians eat their rolled up pancakes with forks too, and I was perhaps just an American who didn't know how to eat them properly!

Japan - Some of my Japanese friends has a booth with sushi. I didn't get any though, because I had tried it once before, and was too busy trying all the foods there I'd never seen! (Although I love Japanese food!)

Nepal - This booth, I think it was, had an orange spicey sort of potatoe dish, which was very good, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

Malaysia - Here, I got the snow cone of my dreams! It was a ball of shaved in a cup with chocolate, peanuts and sweet and condensed milk on the bottom, and fruit (like pineapple and strawberry) and chocolate drizzled over the top. It was an amazing dessert - fit for one of the best and definately the most diverse meal of my life.


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