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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Always Learning

It seems like I'm always learning something - learning something new about other parts of the world, through what I'm told by friends, family members, travelers, and what I read and see on t.v. Movies could be counted too - except that I'm usually hesitant to believe a lot of what I see in movies - since movies tend to reflect the views of where they are made.

Many people I know, as I mentioned before, come from places where it is common to be fluent in multiple languages. Most of them tell me they'll return to their home countries, after college (and perhaps a few years of work in the U.S. - since already having work experience when they go home can help them secure a job faster. Some of them are from countries with extremely competitive job markets). Some of them, however, are unsure of whether they'll live here in the U.S. - for the long term - or return to their countries.

I am surprised too, to find myself thinking lately, that I am not sure (at all) where I want to live. I could end up living in another state or, basically, even anywhere in the world. A handfull of years ago, I wasn't even considering the second option. Even though I was interested in visiting other countries, I just always assumed that I would live in the U.S.. But, now I'm not even sure of that. It seems that the more I learn about other countries, the less I want to live here.

I can be sure of one thing though - even if I do not end up living in another country - I will (for sure) want to visit other countries often (once I have a job and the money to do so - of course).


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