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Monday, January 30, 2006

Minnesota's weather.......

The weather lately is absolutely crazy. One day will be like spring - the next ;ike the deepest of winters. There's water and ice everywhere. By the way, I plunged my foot into a deep puddle the other day - whrn I broke through some ice that blended in with the street. All this water though, will just turn to more ice....I would hate to see see how slippery those stairs (that'd been covered with a 1/2 an inch of water the other day) must be this morning.

Friday, January 27, 2006

"Lost" - t v pop culture phenomenon

Does anyone else watch this t.v. show? If so, I have some questions I'd like to get other peoples' opinions on.

For starter's, has anyone thought of what those cursed numbers represent?

And, is Lock (the old man) good or bad? Has the island made him obsessed with finding answers at all costs, or is he actually concerned with the wellbeing of the collective group - as he claims?

And why do "the others" always take children? To brain wash them into more "others"?

And; finally, where have good shows like this been hiding all these years?
Maybe you can find cool stuff like the X-files or sci-fi shows on late late at night, but until the last, oh, two + years ago they never really put shows like this on prime time.

I know there's a large " Lost " speculation and fan community online. (web based communities that delve into the mysteries of "LOST") I'm not about to make this one of them. . . unless it would make my blog very very famous . . . .

That would just be too funny.

Real Penguins Marching!

That movie - The March of the Penguins - has been getting all sorts of media hype. I havn't seen it. I was; though, quite embarrassed two weeks ago when I found out that it's a documentary - with real life penguins!

This may sound weird, but up untill that time, I'd somewhat assumed it was a cartoon (commedy) or whatever - like "Ice Age" or "MAdagasscar," simply because of all the attention it's getting. I was picturing something with animated talking penguins. So, the truth was a shock to me.

I never would have guessed that an educational documentary (especially one on wildlife - not politics or whatever) would ever become this popular. However, I do not AT ALL think it's a bad thing . I think it's great! A good thing! People should have more interest in educational things, an nature related topics.

Still, it surprised me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

O M Gosh: Japanese Jellyfish mutate into land monsters! Should I be concerned?

It's widely known that most factual news data wrote in blogs is biased by opinion. Some of it is also partly, if not completely, only rumor / speculation. In this blog about jellyfish in Japan, the article alone seems credible, but the commentary which follows is nothiong more than a gossip columb. Albeit, it's gossip and speculation that happens to be EXTREMELY humorous, especially when attatched to such a serious and forboding article. The goofy comments are obviously not meant to be taken seriously, but rather intended to provide comic relief.

The comments assert that giant jellyfish are aliens, are sent by other countries to attack Japan, and will eventually morph into land traveling creatures that terrorize citizens. So, see what I mean? Rebecca Blood in chapter one of her book "The Weblog Handbook" states that " A weblogger's commentary may provide insight into current events and may provoke the reader to more fully consider," his or her "own point of view." I agree; but, I argue that the opposite is also true. Comments can also mash, mangle and destroy credibility, turning readers to oppose the view of an author they otherwise would have trusted - whether or not that author is credible.

According to Blood, it's all too true that "weblogs encourage evaluation." And, a link takes the reader's super evaluation power one step further, beyond what it would have been without the link. Meaning, that the reader doesn't need to take my word for it. They can read the blog for themself. And who knows?. . . . someone out there might actally decide to believe those crazy comments. That would be a mistake, but at least they'd be making that mistake on their own.

p.s., intentionally false and humorous comments such as those on the jellyfish are harmless (since they are not designed to make the reader interpret them as authentic), but intentionally false comments that ARE meant to be believed, are unethical, and should never be put to practice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Green Tea - caffeine is o.k.

IT's long been known that too much caffeine is bad for you. Thus, most people avoid drinking a full pot of coffee a day. (I'd guess a cup or two is normal.) Caffeine in excess is not the healthiest thing for you, yet Green tea is said to be VERY healthy, and many Japanese people drink quite a lot of it!

But wait - correct me if I'm mistaken, but green tea has caffeine too!!! Yet, I read on a website that the caffeine in green tea isn't bad for you. Apparently green tea has some quality that makes it block the usual negative effects caused by caffeine in coffee.

Many Americans think green tea is disgusting, but that's perhaps because they've tried only commercially produced prepackaged Lipton tea packets. Lipton is alright, but some people are more picky than me. For them, I suggest buying the actual authentic tea leaves themselves, in a specialized store. The real thing DOES taste different, and quite better.

weblogs vs journalism

In Rebecca Blood's book, "The Weblog Handbook" she described, in her own words, a few things I'd already noticed about differences between Journalism and blogging. For example, Journalism is edited and Journalists often respond to higher authority. With blogging, in contrast, you're your own editor, and you're your own highest authority. Bloggers are completely independant - freelance artists painting mental murals of their personal opinions, observences, and collective data. This, I believe, is exactly what makes blogs both the most useless yet invaluable source of data available - depending on a blog's author. Surf the web. Sadly, you'll probably find more useless blogs than useful ones.

A GREAT point made by Blood, which I hadn't thought of, is that bloggers who live in the thick of an influential news event, can often become unofficial reporters themselves. (and perhaps quite good ones) For example: say a meteor destroys the supermarket and people begin to get unexplainably sick. Your neighbor across the street quickly becomes frustrated by the media's watered down coverage, and feels the need to broadcast truth, so they type a blog telling the horrible truth of this new space born disease, every morning as they drink their daily cup of coffee. Soon they discover they're a journalist at heart. Then, perhaps a scientist reads their blog, comes to the town, and finds a way to cure the citizens.
Sorry. I think this scenario was a mixture of plots from Surface, Superman, and something else.

Friday, January 13, 2006

true friends

A true friend is like your brother, sister, cousin, parents, aunt, or uncle. By that I mean, that they are your friend unconditionally. People are weird. We are all weird people. (if we're being honest) False friends will abandon you when they learn something about you that makes you uncool, eccentric or weak. True friends, however, will be even more your friend as they discover your strengths and weaknesses. Even after they've discovered them all, they'll still be as dependable as they were the day you met them.
If we are not perfect, it shouldn't matter those who truly matter. It is our combined strengths and weaknesses, and our quest to overcome them, that give us character, and make us human.


Tis my first entry. I will some day have many interesting things t post, but not today.